The Sound of modern Hard- and Post-Hardcore!


Full Production

Includes Recording, Mixing and Mastering. 
Our expert staff will supervise and guide you through every single step during production for guaranteed world class results.

Our 3 recording studios are located near Aachen!


Our award-winning service for your music. Mixing is the single most crucial step in creating the eventual sound. We will give your music a massive yet organic and clear sound within all available frequencies.


You can attend mixing with our livestream system from anywhere in the world.

We send your music to our label partners afterwards.

Drum Recording

We will give as much as is humanly and technically possible, in order to obtain a clear, wide and dynamic sound.
We will use a combination of analogue and digital high-end hardware. 

We guarantee that your final sound has that perfect modern punch!

About Us

The Studio

You are looking for a top notch recording facility with 96-Channel I/O and an analog recording desk for the best of hybrid mixing? You have come to the right place. We produce Metalcore and other heavy genres since 2014 and offer everything from drum tracking and guitar re-amping to full productions in our 65m² facility.

Our Team


Specialist for artist development as well as live and studio sound!


The one to ask for crazy, non standard, creative solutions!


Head of our videography department!


Our session drummer if you ever need a tight groove or drum gear related advice!


“Every time we are astonished by the cool atmosphere and valuable tips that we can get while recording here. While not losing our sound and identity as a band.”

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 15.37.05
“Working with Andi and his team is a pleasure throughout. Sharing his expertise and competence at any moment, he always creates the most amazing working atmosphere. A well-educated guy you can always rely on!”
Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 14.21.02

“It was a blast working with Andi and Lukas, two awesome guys who made us feel at home at a great location!”



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