The Sound of modern Hard- and Post-Hardcore!


Full Production

Includes Recording, Mixing and Mastering. 
Our expert staff will supervise and guide you through every single step during production for guaranteed top class results.


Our recording studio is located near Aachen!


As our most chosen service: Mixing is the single most crucial step in creating the dream sound of your record. We will give your music a massive yet organic and clear sound without losing the unique vibe that makes it YOUR song.

Mixing can be attended in person or via live-stream worldwide!

Drum Recording

We will give as much as is humanly and technically possible, in order to obtain a clear, wide, dynamic sound by choosing the right drum shells, heads, and microphones.

We guarantee that your final sound has that perfect modern punch!

About Us

The Studio

Falling Sparks Studios is a place with great flexibility and vibe. A lot of expertise in recording music and content creation has brought us into our two room facility with high ceilings for great drum recordings.

We are open to book your recording session and/or video shoot.

Our Team


As a long-experienced audio engineer, I know exactly how to give your music enough space, so your audience can enjoy every aspect of YOUR sound without sounding generic and bland.


After several years of experience as a live musician in a post-hardcore band, I know exactly what your production needs, to get the best and heaviest tones.


With many years of experience in video and music technology, I know exactly how to perfectly combine the two mediums to create a unique and individual result to make your music shine live and on social media.


As a dynamic drummer, I can help you to find the right groove and drum sound for your production. For me, it is not always the heavy playing a song needs. It is always the balance between hard and emotional.


“Every time we are astonished by the cool atmosphere and valuable tips that we can get while recording here. While not losing our sound and identity as a band.”

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 15.37.05
“Working with Andi and his team is a pleasure throughout. Sharing his expertise and competence at any moment, he always creates the most amazing working atmosphere. A well-educated guy you can always rely on!”
Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 14.21.02

“It was a blast working with Andi and Lukas, two awesome guys who made us feel at home at a great location!”



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